Memories Seeded During My Youth

I am a visual artist whose work is informed with the universal themes that derive from our relationship to Nature: death, innocence, fertility, sacrifice, the body in Nature, and the meaning of form in memory. This work is driven by my need to express the emotional truth contained in recurring visual memories, memories seeded during my youth passed in Africa, Europe, Asia and finally Canada.

I have always cherished Nature, and I am powerfully drawn to trees. My relation to trees was strengthened when I received a scholarship to paint in the south of France. In Cagnes, I was moved tremendously by the beautiful old olive trees. In the twisted configurations of their ancient bodies, I could sense the spirit of the tree emerging in almost human form. Each painting is for me the resolution of a persistent inner moment that remains from my past.

I have just returned from Macau, China where my works are being exhibited in the Exhibition Gallery of the Civic & Municipal Affairs Bureau, for a month. It was a great experience with the place and the people of Macau. I have left great memories behind.

I am presently working on a series of 20 drawings, paintings and etchings on canvas that are inspired by visual remembrances. These paintings will go in the Gallerie de la ville (centre for the arts), Montreal, PQ, September, 2003 for a solo exhibition.